Volunteer Services - Get Involved

How to get involved in the Volunteer Program?

Volunteer Application Process
  • Contact the Facility Volunteer Coordinator where you intend to volunteer.
  • Fill out a Volunteer Application.
  • Return the application to the Facility Volunteer Coordinator.
  • All applicants must consent to a criminal history background check (GCIC/NCIC).
  • The Facility Volunteer Coordinator will schedule a training class or direct you to a training sight for Pre-Service Orientation/ Volunteer Certification Training.
  • The process is complete when you receive your Volunteer I.D. and Locator Card, then you will coordinate your assignment and service agreement with the Facility Volunteer Coordinator at the service facility.
Renewal Process

Volunteer ID cards, GCIC review, and the Commissioner’s letter on sexual harassment are signed and renewed annually.

  • Volunteers are considered non-salaried employees and will be approved to enter into their assigned facilities.
  • Specialized reentry volunteer trainings (Faith & Character-Based Initiatives, Mentors, AA/NA, SVORI, Aftercare, Safe houses, etc.) are coordinated and facilitated by the State Volunteer Coordinator.

The Mandatory Pre-Service Orientation (PSO) / Volunteer Certification Training consist of the following subjects:

  • Overview of Corrections
  • Overview of Reentry Services
  • PREA Reporting requirement
  • Games Offenders Play
  • Role of Volunteer/Rules of Volunteer/Code of Ethics/SOP
  • Sexual Harassment/Unlawful Harassment
  • Sexual Misconduct
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Key & Tool Control/ Right to Know
  • Volunteer Forms

For information, please contact:

Kenya Barrion, Volunteers Services Admin

Email: Kenya.Barrion@gdc.ga.gov

Georgia Department of Corrections
P.O. Box 1529
Forsyth, GA 31029

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