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Medical Health

Healthcare services include only those services that are medically necessary, according to GDC standardized guidelines and:

  • Require immediate/urgent care;
  • Cannot be reasonably delayed without the risk of further complication, serious deterioration, significant pain or discomfort;
  • Are provided to treat a chronic or non-life threatening condition/s;
  • Improve functioning to a level that facilitates performance of the activities of daily living within the correctional environment.

The agency's goal is to provide each inmate and incarcerated probationer with the ability to:

  • Be treated with dignity and respect;
  • Have discussions about their healthcare;
  • Receive medical care regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, education , ethnicity, age, or disability (physical or mental);
  • Privacy and confidentiality regarding treatment and other related healthcare information as governed/protected under federal and state law;
  • Receive healthcare in an efficient and appropriate setting;
  • Explanation and discussion regarding their medical condition and treatment options, including benefits and risks;
  • Participate in decision-making regarding their healthcare options;
  • If competent, refuse treatment and to be informed about the medical consequences of their refusal, including complications of disease and/or death. Court ordered services do not require consent from the offender;
  • File a grievance or appeal regarding services/care received or not authorized; formulate ‘Advance Directives’ to express healthcare wishes in the event of a terminal or irreversible condition, during which the offender is not able to communicate such wishes to healthcare providers.

Each inmate and incarcerated probationer has the responsibility to:

  • Be respectful, and considerate to all healthcare providers;
  • Accurately disclose all needed information pertaining to their health condition to the healthcare providers;
  • Participate in developing and adhering to their healthcare/ treatment plan, including taking medications as prescribed and, lifestyle modifications; ask questions about their medical condition and treatment options.

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