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Ombudsman & Inmate Affairs

For questions and/or concerns regarding a loved one within our system, please call us at 404.656.4661.

The Office of the Ombudsman acts as a bridge between concerned civilians and the Department of Corrections by gathering information that potentially uncovers and reduces problems within the corrections system thus ensuring the rights and safety of offenders are protected.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How can I get my loved one moved to a prison closer to home?

A. Our policy states that a routine transfer shall not be considered until an inmate has been assigned to an institution for twelve (12) months with no Disciplinary Reports during the preceding six (6) months. Once the inmate is eligible for a transfer he/she must speak with his/her counselor regarding his/her desire to transfer. Please be mindful that an inmate may be eligible to submit a transfer request; however, this does not guarantee transfer approval.

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Q. Who can I speak to regarding my desire to get an early release (parole, reprieve) for my loved one? My loved one's TPM (tentative parole month) has changed a couple times, why?

A. These are all parole related concerns and GDC, the Ombudsman unit more specifically, has no jurisdiction over these matters. You may contact parole at: or 404-656-5651

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Q. My loved one's time is not computed correctly, what can he/she do? My loved one should have received credit for time served in the county jail but did not; what can he or she do about this?

A. The inmate may speak to his/her counselor regarding the computations error. If the matter is still unresolved the inmate may file a grievance. *Please note that this issue may require you contacting the clerk of court in the county of conviction as well.

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Q. Who do I contact if my loved one is not receiving the proper medical treatment in prison?

A. While you may contact the following people on your loved one's behalf; we ask that you encourage your loved one to utilize the inmate grievance process. Please attempt to contact the following staff in this order: inmate's counselor, chief counselor, Deputy Warden of Care & Treatment, Warden, Regional Director, and then, Ombudsman staff.

* Please be advised that due to HIPAA privacy laws the Ombudsman unit cannot provide you with medical information in reference to your loved one without a signed medical release of information form.

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Q. How can I find an inmate's location, release date, or charges?

A. From GDC's home page, click on the Find an Offender tab and enter as much info. that you have available.

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Q. How can I contact an inmate?

A. Inmates may be contacted via mail. Click on the link on the top of the page entitled Find a Facility. There you will be able to search for the facility that your loved one is housed at as well as retrieve their address. Please be sure that your loved one's name and GDC number is listed on the envelope.

Q. What if an inmate has concerns that are not being addressed?

A. Encourage your loved one to attempt to handle it at the facility level first by filing a grievance and/or attempt to contact the following staff in this order: inmate's Counselor, Chief Counselor, Deputy Warden of Care & Treatment, Warden, and then, Ombudsman staff. Inmates may write to the Ombudsman staff. We prefer that the inmate utilizes the inmate grievance process first; however, we do understand that there are some issues that require immediate attention.

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Q. My loved one wrongfully received a DR (disciplinary report); what can be done about this? My loved one rightfully received a DR but I feel that his/her punishment is too harsh? How do I get a DR expunged?

A. If an inmate is found guilty of a disciplinary infraction he or she will be given the opportunity to appeal the disciplinary report through the Disciplinary Appeal process.

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Q. Who do I contact regarding my loved one being assaulted?

A. The inmate should immediately report any assaults (sexual/physical) to the counselor, Deputy Warden, and/or Warden and allow them to take appropriate action. However, family members may contact one of the above staff and or Ombudsman.

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Q. Why was my visitation denied or revoked?

A. The Georgia Department of Corrections has the right to refuse visitation to anyone who is suspected of, caught on the premises with, and/or attempts to introduce contraband into the facility. In addition, if you are found to be deceptive on the significant other form or repeatedly warned about a particular action your visitation can be denied and/or revoked. GDC may also suspend visitation privileges to meet special security needs of the facility. The Ombudsman unit does not have the authority to overturn the Warden's decision in this matter.

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Q. I contacted the Ombudsman Unit and I was told the same thing that I've already heard from the Warden. Isn't the Ombudsman Unit supposed to fight on behalf of inmates and their families?

A. The Ombudsman Unit was created by the Georgia Department of Corrections (GDC) to act as a bridge between the concerned citizens and GDC by gathering information that potentially uncovers and reduces problems within the corrections system thus ensuring the rights and safety of offenders are protected.

It is the goal of the Ombudsman unit to be impartial, to provide an objective view, and resolve issues by utilizing fair, consistent, and respectful practices which are outlined by policies, procedures, and laws. If the facility is acting within policy the Ombudsman unit does not have the authority to direct them to do otherwise. However, if we look into a concern and it is revealed that there is room for improvement the appropriate GDC staff will be notified.

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Q. How do I contact the Ombudsman Unit?

A. You may contact the Ombudsman Unit at 404.656.4661 or

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