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GDC Contraband Interdiction Efforts Continue in 2nd Quarter

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GDC Contraband Interdiction Efforts Continue in Second Quarter 2016

More than 6,000 items seized

FORSYTH, Ga. – In continued efforts to eradicate contraband from inside the walls of our prisons, more than 6,803 items were removed in the second quarter of 2016. Elimination efforts included enhanced front line and technological methods and full facility shakedowns.

“We made a promise to be ‘tough on crime from within’ and we are keeping that promise,” said Commissioner Bryson. “Our agency is determined to remain active in our fight to combat the ever-growing threat that contraband poses to the safety of our staff, inmates and the citizens of Georgia.”

Through the diligence of our Office of Professional Standards, GDC Tactical Squads and K9 Units, between April and June, the following items were confiscated:

  • 1,468 cell phones
  • 854 cell phone chargers
  • 1,160 handmade weapons
  • 6,322.21 grams of marijuana (337 bags/balloons)
  • 61,604.07 grams of tobacco (1,886.5 bags/balloons)
  • 817.8 grams of meth (154.5 bags/balloons)
  • 34.7 grams of cocaine (5 bags/balloons)
  • 1 gram of heroin (1 bag/balloon)
  • 687.6 pills
  • 115 bottles of alcohol
  • 83 bundles of financial information (i.e. green dot cards, pre-paid cards, card numbers)
  • 24 syringes
  • 19 SIM cards
  • 9 SD cards

The agency utilizes enhanced front line and technological methods to assist with preventing contraband from entering our facilities. These efforts include additional training on contraband detection, improved package screening of items entering facilities, enhanced staff screen during shift change, cell phone detection canines, secure evidence storage procedures, BOSS scanners, cell sense devices, through-body scanners, thermal imaging, perimeter netting and infrared cameras.

In addition, the agency has committed to implementing concentrated shakedown operations at all 33 state prisons over the course of 2016. To date, 23 shakedowns have been completed resulting in a combined total of more than 14,628 items of contraband being seized. During the second quarter alone, shakedowns netted seizures of more than 1,800 items, as part of the overall contraband interdiction for 2016.

These concerted 12-hour shakedown operations average 400 tactical squad members, 15-20 investigators, and 10-15 K9 handlers. Second quarter seizures included:

  • 596 handmade weapons
  • 135 cell phones
  • 85 cell phone chargers
  • 569.5 grams of tobacco (45 instances)
  • 655.9 grams of marijuana (66 instances)
  • 74.5 grams of meth (7 instances)
  • 762 pills (i.e. vicodin, venlafaxine)
  • 65 bundles of financial transaction numbers & materials
  • 14 cell phone batteries
  • 2 syringes
  • 3.87 gallons plus 19 bottles of homemade alcohol
  • 5 SIM cards

“Our efforts to eliminate contraband from inside the walls of our prisons will not only increase in number, but will become more and more apparent,” said Commissioner Bryson. “To those who think about bringing in contraband, know this, we are not done, we have only just begun to bolster our methods to catch those who attempt to disrupt the safety of our prisons and the safety of the citizens of Georgia.”

For an inside look at the measures our officers are taking to find contraband, literally within the walls of our prisons, take a look at one officer’s account here.

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