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Contraband Arrests at Multiple State Prisons

As of July 2010, The GDC Office of Professional Standards, in conjunction with local & federal law enforcement partners, have investigated or arrested approximately 1,208 staff and civilians for introducing contraband into prisons throughout the state.

On April 6 at Johnson State Prison, the canine unit alerted to a vehicle in the facility parking lot. Security staff discovered two large bundles wrapped in black electric tape containing 425 grams of tobacco, 116.4 grams of marijuana, 3 cell phone chargers, 3 charging cords, 7 lighters, 5 cell phones and a box cutter. Civiliains Joshua Grier and Justin Willis were arrested by the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office.

On April 3 at Rogers State Prison, deputies with the Tattnall County Sheriff’s Office conducted a traffic stop near the facility. During the traffic stop, the deputies discovered a black trash bag, the contents remain unknown. Civilians Gloria Moss and Anthony Williams were arrested by the Tattnall County Sheriff’s Office for attempting to introduce contraband into the facility.

On April 2 at Ware State Prison, security staff noticed an unidentified male walking near the facility. After searching the area, security staff discovered two black backpacks containing 2 bottles of unknown pills, 27 cell phones, 15 cell phone batteries, a pair of shower shoes, a cigarette lighter, a pair of vice grip pliers, 15 cell phone chargers, 3 pairs of white socks, 3 white t-shirts, 2 broken hacksaw blades, 27 packs of rolling paper, 4,518 grams of tobacco and 534 grams of marijuana. The unidentified male was arrested by the Ware County Sheriff’s Office.

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