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104 Policy HR-Appearance/Conduct/Evaluations

104.06 (IVO01-0008) Workplace Violence

104.46 (IVO13-0003) Unlawful Harassment (Includes Sexual Harassment)

104.46 (IVO13-0003) Attachment 1, Commissioner's Statement Prohibiting Unlawful Harassment

104.47 (IVO14-0001) Employee Standards of Conduct

104.47 (IVO14-0001) Attachment 1, Employee Standards of Conduct & Governor’s Code of Ethics Employees Acknowledgement Statement

104.47 (IVO14-0001) Attachment 2, Employee Communications Device Acknowledgement and Agreement

104.47 (IVO14-0001) Attachment 3, Governor’s Code of Ethics for Executive Branch Officers and Employees

104.48 (IVO14-0005) Appearance and Dress

104.48 (IVO14-0005) Attachment 1, GDC Casual Dress Guidelines

104.57 (IVO15-0010) Repayment for Failure to Return State Issued Property

104.58 Alcohol-Drug Testing Program - Non Safety Sensitive Positions

104.58 Attachment 1, Sample Letter Alcohol-Drug Suspension with Pay (Classified-Unclassified Employee)

104.58 Attachment 2, Sample Letter Alcohol Dismissal (Classified Employee)

104.58 Attachment 3, Sample Letter Alcohol Dismissal (Unclassified Employee)

104.58 Attachment 4, Sample Letter Drug Dismissal (Unclassified Employee)

104.58 Attachment 5, Sample Letter Drug Dismissal (Classified Employee)

104.58 Attachment 6, Alcohol and Drug Test Notification (Random)

104.58 Attachment 7, Alcohol-Drug and CDL Drug Testing Log

104.58 Attachment 8, Drug Test Awareness Statement-Notification (Pre-Employment)

104.58 Attachment 9, On-Site Substance Abuse Screening Documentation Form

104.58 Attachment 10, Withdrawal of Employment Offer Due to Positive Pre-Employment Drug Test (Unclassified)

104.58 Attachment 11, Withdrawal of Employment Offer for Refusal to Test/Failure to Remain or Appear for Pre-Employment Drug Test

104.58 Attachment 12, Behavioral-Incident Documentation Form

104.59 Alcohol And Drug Testing Program - Safety Sensitive Positions

104.59 Attachment 1, Drug Test Awareness Statement/Notification (Pre-Employment)

104.59 Attachment 2, Alcohol and/or Drug Test Notification (Random)

104.61 Performance Management

104.61 Attachment 1, Notice to Employee

104.61 Attachment 2, Request for Review of Performance Plan or Performance Evaluation

104.61 Attachment 3, Reviewing Official Response Form

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