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215 Policy-Transitional Center

215.01 (IID01-0002) Transitional Center Selection Criteria and Process

215.01 (IID01-0002) Attachment 1, Transitional Center Notification to Sheriff

215.02 (IID01-0005) Assign HIV Positive Offenders to Transitional Centers

215.02 Attachment 1, Special Conditions of Work-Release for HIV-Infected Resident

215.06 (IID03-0003) Visitation of Residents

215.07 (IID03-0004) Resident Passes and Leaves

215.07 Attachment 1, Resident Pass Application and Authorization 

215.07 Attachment 2, Resident Activity Pass Authorization Form

215.11 (IID04-0002) Transitional Center Resident Rules and Regulations

215.12 (IID04-0007) Transitional Center Resident Personal Property

215.13 (IID04-0009) Resident Hygiene, Appearance, Hair Care

215.14 (IID04-0012) Transitional Center Resident Transportation

215.14 (IID04-0012) Attachment 1, Waiver of Liability

215.14 (IID04-0012) Attachment 2, Authorization for Use of Company Vehicle by Resident

215.15 (IID04-0013) Transitional Center Resident Legal Access

215.16 (IID04-0014) Personal Items Inmates Transferred to Transitional Centers

215.17 (IID05-0001) Transitional Center Resident Programs and Services

215.18 (IID05-0002) Transitional Center Resident Classification

215.18 (IID05-0002) Attachment 1, Classification Committee Stamp

215.18 (IID05-0002) Attachment 2, Classification Committee Form

215.18 (IID05-0002) Attachment 3, Classification Appeal Form

215.18 (IID05-0002) Attachment 4, Special Parole Review Recommendation Form

215.18 (IID05-0002) Attachment 5, Initial File Review Form

215.21 (IID02-0005) Transitional Center Financial Operations and Fees

215.21 Attachment 1, Center Indigent Loan Application

215.21 Attachment 2, Room And Board Waiver Request

215.21 Attachment 3, Paycheck Procedure, Search Fee, and Positive Alcohol/Drug Test Fee Agreement

215.22 (IID05-0003) Resident Employment Requirements and Services

215.22 (IID05-0003) Attachment 1, Transitional Resident Data Form

215.22 (IID05-0003) Attachment 2, Employer Job-Site Visits

215.22 (IID05-0003) Attachment 3, Transitional Center Employment Agreement

215.22 (IID05-0003) Attachment 4, Out of State Work Travel Permit

215.23 Transitional Center Resident Cell Phones

215.23 Attachment 1, Resident Request for Authorization to Maintain a Cellular Phone

215.23 Attachment 2, Resident Agreement for Cellular Telephone Privileges                                                         

215.23 Attachment 3, Resident Cell Phone Upgrade / Exchange Request                                                                 

215.23 Attachment 4, Transitional Center Resident Cell Phone Log

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