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Attorney Visits

Updated 8.3.2022

In-person attorney visitation has resumed at all GDC facilities. Requests for visits should be submitted to the Warden at the facility, and the GDC encourages attorneys to contact the prison at least three (3) business days prior to the date on which they want to visit. Please be sure to submit the required visitation request form along with your photo ID and State Bar membership card.


Attorney visits are not available on Saturday, Sunday or any State holiday, and individual facilities may limit the days or times at which visits can be scheduled at the discretion of the Warden based upon available time and resources.


Attorneys may only visit offenders with whom they have an attorney-client relationship or with offenders who have contacted them to establish an attorney-client relationship.  Visits with offenders who are opposing parties, witnesses, or who counsel otherwise does not represent will be scheduled at the discretion of the Warden and typically require a valid court order.


The GDC does not offer virtual legal visits. In-person visits for investigators, paralegals and others in the employ of counsel will be scheduled at the Warden’s discretion.


Please be sure to specify whether you want a contact or non-contact visit. Contact visits are in person, and non-contact visits are conducted through a clear, fixed partition. Visits at the Special Management Unit (SMU) for attorneys’ staff members will be non-contact only absent a valid court order.


The Warden must authorize anything that counsel or their employees intend to bring inside the guard line of a facility or deliver to an offender during an approved visit. Legal documents typically will be approved, though the material will be subject to a manual palpation and/or x-ray screening to make sure that no contraband has been hidden among the pages. Offenders will not be allowed to keep case material stored on disks or thumb drives in their cells. These items will be stored with the offender’s personal effects in the Property Room and can be accessed when needed for case or court preparation.


Please feel free to contact the Office of Legal Services at (478) 992-5240 if you have any further questions.

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