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JPay Q&A

How do I send money to my loved one’s offender trust account?

  • You must first be an approved sender on the offender’s financial list. If you are not approved your payment will not be accepted.
  • Create a Jpay account that matches your approved sender information EXACTLY
    • Use your legal name only
    • ex) Mary J. Peterson  - include your middle initial if you included it in your sender information
    • ex) If your name is William, do not use Bill or a nickname
  • This link provides several options to send offenders money. Our vendor JPAY provides the following options:

• Online payments 24/7 (fee applies $3.50 up to $20.00 and $6.50 up to $300.00)

• Payments over the phone (fee applies $3.50 up to $20.00 and $6.50 up to $300.00)

• JPAY Mobile (requires downloading a free app to your cell phone)

• Money Gram located at Wal-Mart and CVS (receiver code is 6857)

• Money orders MUST BE MADE PAYABLE TO JPAY and must include a voucher

How do I add my name as an approved individual on my loved one’s financial list?

The offender chooses up to 5 (five) individuals he/she would like to receive money from. The facility is responsible for approval and maintaining the financial list. The offender can add/remove name twice a year.

How do I help my offender if the GOAL device is broken?

The offender should always open a trouble ticket with JPay first.  The warranty for each device is 180 days.  The offender should be very specific when they describe the problem.  They should receive one of the following responses:

  1.  JPay will direct the offender how to correct the issue.
  2. JPay will validate the warranty and advise the offender they are eligible for a replacement device.
  3. JPay will validate the warranty and advise the offender they will be required to purchase a device or continue to use the kiosk.

How long should it take for an email to be seen by my loved one? 

Emails should be processed and delivered within 3 business days unless a policy violation occurs.  (See email and videogram policy).  Expect possible delays during holidays due to email volume.

Do all offenders receive a GOAL device?

No – See exclusions below:

  • Offenders serving less than 6 months do not receive a device.  If they want to participate, they must purchase the GOAL device.
  • Offenders assigned to County Camps.  County camps do not participate in the GOAL device program therefore offenders assigned to county camps are not provided a device.  If an offender is transferred to a County Camp from a state facility, a GOAL device disposition form is completed and the device sent the address specified by the offender or if the offender chooses not to keep the device, it’s returned to JPay for reconditioning and reuse.
  • Offenders assigned to RiverBend (Private facility).  RiverBend does not participate in the GOAL device program therefore offenders are not provided a device.  If an offender is transferred to Riverbend from a participating facility, the device is retained in the offender’s personal property. 
  • GDC will purchase the offender one device.  If the device is broken outside the warranty window of 180 days, the offender may purchase another device.  If the offender is officially released and returns to a facility at any time, they will not be provided a device but may purchase one.
  • If the device is broken due to an action by GDC, an incident report should be processed and the warden of the facility may approve the purchase of another device.

What happens to any money left in the offender’s media account?


What happens to the GOAL device when my loved one is released?

The offender must complete a GOAL device disposition form which is included in the release packet.  In order for the offender to continue using the device after release, the tablet must be sent to JPay for security removal.  JPay will return the device with all music, books, games and wireless capability restored.  The device can then be used as any other tablet with no security restrictions.  (See instruction form attached)

NOTE:  If the offender returns to any facility after being released or transferring to a TC, the device may not return with the offender and GOAL device participation will require that a replacement device is purchased by the offender if he/she chooses to participate.

What is a voucher and why do I need it?

A voucher is deposit slip which must be submitted with a money order to JPAY to ensure funds are placed into the correct offender’s account.  ALL MONEY ORDERS MUST BE MADE PAYABLE TO JPAY. You can locate vouchers at: click on the link to create a money order voucher then follow the steps by choosing the option to send money to an inmate and enter the offender’s GDC#.

Where do I mail a money order? 


Offender Trust Account

Inmate Trust JPAY

P.O. Box 246570

Pembroke Pines, FL. 33024

How do I get my loved one’s funds from a county facility account to my loved ones Offender Trust account?

The county facility will process a check for the remaining funds on the offender’s account and mail them directly to CBU for deposit into the Offender Trust Account.

The facility says my loved one’s account is frozen due to fraudulent transactions; how do I get it unfrozen?

Call the Consolidated Banking Unit at 478-992-6288 and they will be glad to explain the fraudulent charge and the process for ‘un-freezing’ the account.

How do I contact JPAY?  or 1-800-574-5729

How do I contact the Consolidated Banking Unit?

Phone number: 478-992-6287

Fax Number: 478-992-6317


How do I contact the GDC JPay team?


  • Make money orders payable to JPay and always mail with a voucher
  • Keep money order receipts with the serial number for tracking purposes
  • Know your loved one’s GDC#
  • Money in the media account is nontransferable and nonrefundable.  ALL funds in the media account will be forfeited to JPay.

Kiosk VideoGram and photo guidelines

The Georgia Department of Corrections (GDC) has explicit guidelines for acceptable VideoGrams and photo attachments. These apply to the VideoGrams and photos you take and send from the kiosk, as well as those your loved ones send to you. Please make sure to follow these guidelines carefully to have a successful interaction.

When you are recording and sending a photo or VideoGram:

• You must be seated at the kiosk (not standing or pacing)

• Only GDC approved clothing (not altered) is allowed

• Do not point out or highlight your tattoos

• No showing of the stomach, chest or any other body part that is covered by GDC uniform

• No unapproved hats or head wraps (GDC issued blue beanies and religious headwear is allowed)

• No sunglasses

• No more than one person at the kiosk (this includes having a picture taken by another inmate)

• No grabbing of body parts (examples but not limited to: crotch, buttocks, and breasts)

• No gang signs, clothing or references of any kind

• No nudity, sexually explicit content photos or items

• No sexually explicit tongue movement while recording or taking a picture

• No requesting a photo or information to be placed on social media of any kind

• No requesting of emails to be forwarded, sent, or mailed to other parties

• No requesting or sending a PayPal number

• No requesting or sending information for or about another inmate

• No requesting a person “do business” for you or on your behalf

• No images or statements that advocates hatred or violence

• No alcohol, smoking, or drug images, references, items or photos

• No images, statements or references of any kind of weapon

• No covering or moving of the camera at the kiosk

Violations of these guidelines will result in the photo or VideoGram being discarded and no stamp refunds will be issued. Further action including loss of privileges may be taken by GDC staff.

If you are a family member sending a photo or VideoGram, please avoid:

• Descriptions, information or images concerning any illegal acts or violation of facility rules including such examples as illegal drugs, weapons, escape, martial arts, etc.

• Anything sexual in nature, including nudity, or sexual gestures

• Grabbing of body parts (including but not limited to crotch, buttocks and breasts)

• Behavior, attire, gestures indicating security threat group affiliation

• Using gang signs, gang clothing, or any other reference to gangs or gang activity

• Screen shots of social media posts, text messages, or copies of other emails

• Requesting or agreeing to a photo, video or message being posted on social media

• Information advocating that any ethnic, racial, or religious group is inferior or that make such groups an object of ridicule and scorn

• Soliciting or receiving any information that describes the manufacture of weapons, bombs, explosives, alcohol and drugs, drug paraphernalia, or escape materials

• Anything of a threatening nature

• Using coercion, threats, or fraud to obtain money, favors, or anything of value

• Requesting or sending a PayPal number

• Requesting that a person "do business" for them

• Information related to the crime or identity of another offender

• All children must be fully clothed for their safety

If your loved one has special sentencing restrictions directed by the Judicial system which may include:

  • No electronic communication
  • No computer access
  • No communication with children
  • No pictures of children

They may receive a GOAL device but they WILL NOT have email or VideoGram access. 

Violations of these guidelines will result in the photo or VideoGram being discarded and no stamp refunds will be issued. Further action including loss of privileges may be taken by GDC staff.

VIDEO VISITATION:  The policy is identical to the visitation policy at a facility.

Steps Required to Remove GOAL Device Security Features After an Offender Has Been Released from Incarceration

  1. Once an Offender is released from custody and is scheduled to return home, he or she can mail their GOAL device (JP5) to JPay to have it unlocked.  This will allow continued usage of the JP5 to download music as well as connect to Wi-Fi or a personal computer. 
  2. The Offender is fully responsible for any and all fees associated with shipping their GOAL device back to JPay.  If the device is NOT in working condition once received by JPay, a USB drive will be issued with only music files, books and games that could be salvaged from the defective tablet.  Saved email messages and attachments will not be included. The mailing address for JPay is:

    JPay, Inc.
    Attn:  Inventory Department
    12032 Miramar Parkway
    Miramar, FL 33025
  3. To follow-up on the status of their device, the Offender can contact JPay by email at or call 954-862-6900 ext.6012

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